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Howard Stern is hot for Raw Food & Sarma Melngailis...

Breakfast- 1/2 watermelon

Lunch- 1/2 large Mammea fruit, 5 bananas

Dinner- 1/2 large Mammea fruit

Those of us who patronize Pure Food & Wine know that the food is great and that Sarma Melngailis, the owner is a head turner.  It's said that Howard Stern visited Pure Food & Wine and now he's salivating for more than the raw food.

After blogging yesterday, I was questioning myself: Why bother to refer to non-raw articles and sites and more or less complain about them?  Am I wasting my time?  I'm not sure how it relates, but what came to me is that raw foodists want and need to feel good about being raw and how we live.  Sometimes its helpful to closely examine what we've been told and decide if it really applies to us.  It's not about making someone else wrong; its about me discerning truth for myself.  If you're a cooked food omnivore, avoiding fruit might might make sense for you, in order to avoid acid forming conditions from eating your teeth away.  Does it work for me, an all raw vegan?  No.

In (Raw) Food for Thought Bennett Gordon writes that "...Americans have been fooled into thinking that processed food is healthier than plain old fruits and vegetables."  I agree, and the article is in favor of raw food, albeit the prepared recipe stuff.  However, doesn't blended, juiced, food processed, and dehydrated raw food easily fall under the definition of processed food?  Think about it.  Wouldn't unprocessed raw fruits and vegetables have more of their nutritional components in tact?  I like and enjoy the increasingly available processed raw foods, they helped me make through the transition stage and serve now as treats; but I notice that I feel lighter, clearer, more energetic, even sexier, when I keep them to a minimum.  Let's not loose sight of what raw foodism ultimately is, the consumption of fresh ripe fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, as close to their natural state as possible.

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May 20, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJuanita

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