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Raw Food for Dogs...

Breakfast- 1/2 Mammea fruit, 2 bananas

Lunch- 12 Medjool dates, 3/4 head of celery

Dinner- 1 head Romaine lettuce, 2 pints cherry tomatoes, 1 stick celery

My energy's been higher than ususal week.  I think it's becasue I've kept my meals really simple and I've been getting plenty of sleep.  9:30 PM is my target bedtime and I made the target most nights this week.  Also, right in line with the calendar quote for today, I haven't eaten any nuts this week, or any processed raw food treats, no salt or spices and I think it makes a real difference in how I feel.  My mental clarity has been greater than usual this week too. 

I feel very slight almost imperceptible indigestion this morning and I suspect it's because a portion of the mammea I ate was not not quite ripe and was a little starchy.  The mammea was so delicious that I couldn't not eat it!

When I hear or read about people selling raw food for dogs I wonder how they prepare  and package it.  Is it just a bag of flesh and bones and organs?  This morning I read a brief description of how one company does it.  Paws Applause (follow the link and scroll to the raw food description) grinds it all up and puts it into plastic tubes.

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