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R & R (Raw Food & Roe Gallo) at the Ranzi's...

Breakfast- 1/4 large watermelon

Lunch- 1 large papaya

Dinner- Zucchini pasta w/Marinara sauce, mixed green salad with a mysterious delicious green dressing

Karen Ranzi hosted Roe Gallo, Ph.D., aka "Chief Mythbuster," at her and husband Harvey's home in Ramsey, NJ.  Roe is phenomenal.  I heard her speak several years ago and I've never forgotten the experience.  When first hearing and seeing Roe share her special sparkle and aliveness, I was mesmerized, and nothing's changed for me today; I'm still mesmerized.  Roe has that unique ability to share her extensive knowledge and experience regarding health and happiness as well as her own personal truth, and she makes you feel at ease, inspired, and excited to be alive.

Roe Gallo's new book is Overcoming the Myths of Aging, and this is what she's talking about these days.  I was struck by her very simple concept: growing older doesn't mean that you have to grow old.  One by one, Roe addressed the major common beliefs/myths most of us have about aging and she makes it very clear that they're all false.  I just got Roe's new book yesterday,  so I haven't yet had time to read it(not totally true, I read the sex chapter and it's all good news), but the pages and sections that I've looked at are just like Roe, inspiring, energetic, grounded in truth and joie d’vie.

After Roe's talk I stayed around for dinner.  I don't know what Karen's food preparation secret was, (maybe the invigorating beyond Manhattan fresh air, or being in a home that's surrounded by green leafy trees with a gentle cool breeze coming through the open windows, or Karen & Harvey's graciousness, or the likemindedness of my dinner partners, or being inspired by Roe- it was probably the combined affect of all of these) but dinner was delicious and satisfying.  I forgot to ask Karen what the dressing was; all I know is that it was raw, organic, fresh and fantastic. 

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