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Raw Food on Common Ground, now whats really extreme?

Breakfast- 2 medium sized Honeydew melons

Lunch- 19 Medjool dates, 1 head celery

Dinner- 1 moderately large papaya

In "My Brother, the Raw Food Partisan,"  Todd Spencer describes being 100% raw as extreme.  I can concede that from one perspective, but from another, isn't the time, energy, personal effort, and economic machinery that provides cooked food even more extreme.  Isn't it extreme to confine geese and force feed them until their livers explode?  What about removing the chief nutritional components from wheat, bleaching it white, and then adding some man-made nutrients- isn't this extreme?

Today, for lunch, I ate some dates that were grown in California and some locally grown celery.  Yes, shipping fruit from a distant place could be considered extreme, but my lunch seems pretty simple and tame compared to most practices that provide cooked food and it's ingredients to the masses.  Besides that, as a raw foodist, I'm less likely to be a candidate for having my chest opened up and my arteries replaced with veins that were cut out of my legs.  Now that's extreme.

Todd Spencer's article is actually very positive and accepting of raw foodism.  That's nice to hear from a non-raw foodist. 


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