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New Raw Food recipe from Buki..

Breakfast- 2 lbs sliced strawberries with a drizzle of honey, 1 banana

Lunch- 1/2 watermelon

Dinner- 1 1/2 Honeydew melons

FYI, Buki from southern California left a tasty sounding recipe in the Raw Dish! forum.  Check it out; I'll definitely try it.

I had a very stressful afternoon at work today, it felt excruciating.  Walking home I knew I had great ready to eat fresh fruit at home for dinner but I kept having fantasies of other stuff, all the pre-made, high fat, and dehydrated stuff that I've stayed away from recently.  I was jonesing for some comfort food.  Somehow I stuck with the fruit and I'm glad; this is definitely breaking new ground.  There's a holiday weekend coming up and I may treat myself at some point, but at least in the heat of the moment, it feels good to make a conscious choice for the most digestible dinner.  It also was really sweet and delicious.  For today I'll save the other stuff for a time when I really feel like its a choice to have a treat and not a compulsion. 

This morning when I passed through the Union Square Farmer's Market I saw some fresh local strawberries and I bought a quart to bring home to have for breakfast tomorrow.  On my way home tonight, after work, I realized that I had left the strawberries in my office.  It was too late to go back because I was meeting someone later; besides after the stressful afternoon, my office was the last place I'd want to go back to.  I guess I need to think of something else to eat for breakfast tomorrow.

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