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Loving these bananas- the perfect raw food...

Breakfast- 1/4 (and a little more) watermelon

Lunch- 8 bananas

Dinner- 1/4 watermelon, 6-7 sliced oranges

I have almond butter to go along with the bananas but I don't want it today. It's too hot to spend the afternoon with that heavy banana/almond butter/shredded coconut feeling in my stomach.  The bananas are at that perfect stage of ripeness- sweet, not starchy, but still firm.

Check out Juanita's banana question and my response from May 24.

I went for a run in Central Park; thanks to the bananas I had plenty of fuel.  After running and spending some time out in the sun I hurried home to get ready to meet some friends for dinner.  I was really hungry so I ate the watermelon before meeting them.  

My friends decided to go to a Chinese restaurant, Mama Buddha on Hudson street, and I was a little concerned that they might not have anything for me to eat.  I lucked out though.  Knowing that Chinese restaurants frequently serve fresh fruit to their guests after a meal, I asked if they had any oranges.  "Yes" was the answer and they served me two platters of beautifully peeled and sliced oranges and I enjoyed every bite.

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