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Celery, a raw food answer to Rolaids...

Breakfast- 1 head celery

Lunch- 4 large Navel oranges

Dinner- 1 cup macadamia nuts

I felt restless throughout the night.  My breath smelled and tasted like the cauliflower and gravy which, by the way, were made with onion and garlic.  My stomach churned all night and every time I woke up during the night I smelled the fresh cauliflower smell from the garbage that I didn't take out before going to sleep.  I had indigestion all morning long and that's why I ate the celery.  Celery is very soothing to my stomach when it's unsettled.  Did I do something wrong when I prepared the mock mashed potatoes recipe or has my system changed so much that I have become that sensitive to stuff like that?

Early in the afternoon I began to feel hungry and the oranges were satisfying.  I know that eating a meal of nuts, even raw, is not the most health supporting thing to do but I was going to a movie and I just wanted that sit-in-the-dark-lost-in-the-movie-and-munching-on-something feeling.  I feel proud of myself for putting the nuts away when I felt satiated instead of continuing to eat out of habit until I felt sick of them.  Even by bedtime, I still felt like I was getting over the cauliflower experience.

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