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Matter of Flax responded fast, grateful for raw food choices...

Breakfast- 1/4 watermelon

Lunch- 1/4 watermelon

Dinner- 2 slices of flax bread, each smeared with black tahini, and topped with sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumber rounds, and kimchi; a small tomato & cucumber salad with a little kimchi and about 10 cashew nuts 

A couple of days ago I wrote about being disappointed when I opened a package of Bean Free Dill Hummus made by Matter of Flax and finding that it was rancid.  I also emailed them to let them know about my experience.  Wow, they responded fast, by email and phone!  I spoke to Christy from Matter of Flax and she was very sorry to hear about my experience with the hummus.  

They, Christy by phone, and Nina Seim by email, seem very eager to provide great customer service.  They offered to send me a replacement package but I declined.  I just wanted to let them know about the problem so they have an opportunity to address it.  I let her know that I purchased the hummus from Westerly Natural Market and she is following up immediately to ask them about labels and to try to prevent customers from getting spoiled product in the future.

After speaking with Christy I felt a little guilty for complaining.  Even so, I'm glad I let them know.  They seem like very sincere people who care about providing a quality product; I just happened to be one of the customers, hopefully rare, who bought a bad package.  I'm glad to know that there are companies like Matter of Flax that provide raw bean free hummus and other alternatives to the cooked, canned, additive laden things that pass for food.  We do have a choice!   

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