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May 4, 2007

Breakfast- 9 Honey tangerines

Lunch- 20 Medjool dates

Dinner- a handful of Macadamia nuts; from Pure Food and Take-Away: 6 walnut raisin cookies, 1 "Sushi" roll, Falafel platter, 1 raw Mallomar

Recently, whenever I eat dates I've been eating celery and dates together in one meal, about 16-18 dates and close to a whole head of celery.  Today, I really noticed a difference when I left out the celery.  The dates were very concentrated and I felt weak-kneed a couple of hours later.  I think its because the dates have little water or minerals to balance the sugar.

The Falafel is new on the menu at Pure Food and Take-away.  I enjoyed the first few bites but then it lost it's appeal.  The falafel balls are served on a bed of Romaine lettuce and tabouleh and then drizzled with tahini dressing and a hot sauce. 

I don't like hot seasonings so I asked for only the sesame dressing; maybe that's where I went wrong because there just wasn't a lot of flavor.  The tabouleh tasted bland to me, and although the falafal itself had a distinct flavor, the platter as a whole fell flat.  It's got potential; it just needs to be fine tuned.

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