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May 6, 2007

Breakfast- 1 large papaya

Lunch- 20 Medjool dates, 1 head celery

Dinner- 1 slice Raw Soul Raw Organic Nutty Butter Brownie, 1 cup macadamia nuts

My lunch experience was interesting.  I showed up for brunch for a large group of people.  Now I ask you, we're living in New York City in 2007, who would serve brunch to a large group of cosmopolitan New Yorkers and not include fruit of any kind?  I mean none, nada!  I shrugged it off though and ran across the street where there happened to be an organic grocery store and picked up the celery and dates.  It all worked out fine.

We're everywhere!  At the brunch when I sat down with my plate of celery and dates one of my brunch companions asked if I am a vegetarian.  Of course I replied, "Yes, a raw food vegetarian."  As it turned out he has experimented with raw food and has a few books, Jennifer Cornbleet's book is one of them.  He said that he cut back on raw food eating because he lost so much weight and got concerned and friends were telling him that he needed to start eating cooked food again.  I just listened, my main response was telling him that I lost a lot of weight in the beginning too, about 30 pounds, but the weight loss stopped and my weight leveled out.

Guess what the person on my other side asked?  "Where do you get your protein?"  Imagine that!  I kept it simple and said that all raw food supplies the right ratio of protein and that I eat nuts and seeds in addition to fruit and vegetables.

Tonight I was talking to a raw friend on the phone.  He asked what I was up to and I said I was sticking close to home and taking it easy and was about to eat a slice of the raw pie that I just picked up.  My friend, who is relatively new to raw said that he had just eaten a bowl of homemade spinach avocado soup for dinner.  Inside I couldn't help but think, "Hey, I've been doing this for much longer than you!  Shouldn't I be setting the example for a healthy raw dinner?"  Oh well, it is what it is.  I enjoyed the Nutty Butter Brownie Pie.

Posted on Sunday, May 6, 2007 at 07:57PM by Registered CommenterStephen Parker | Comments1 Comment

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Let's see .... a plant-based diet has enough protein to grow an elephant, a giraffe, and a horse .. I wonder if it has enough protein to grow a human being? Meat eaters aren't very smart. : (
May 8, 2007 | Unregistered Commentermike c

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