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Soy milk is not fit for babies, its not even raw!

Breakfast- 2 large pink grapefruit, 6 honey tangerines

Lunch- 18 Medjool dates, approximately 1 lb celery

Dinner- Fresh guacamole, sun-dried tomatoes, Raw Soul flax crackers, walnuts, 4-5 olives

I felt alarmed to read about a "vegan" couple who were given a life sentence for the death of their infant son who died from malnourishment.  Supposedly they were trying to feed the baby soy milk and apple juice!  Soy milk is not fit for adult consumption, much less for infants.  People can become so misguided by the money making machinery of the world.  Soy is a legume, but human bodies can not truly digest and assimilate legumes.  That's why people have gas when they eat beans!  Hellooooo!  However, because soy contains protein, its been marketed as a health food and corporate interests have earned countless millions.  The result, countless people suffer digestive problems and babies die.  The only truly appropriate food for human babies is human breast milk.

Another on-line headline caught my attention, "Buying local to save the planet."  It stresses how buying your food from your local farmer whom you know cuts down on fossil fuel pollution (from shipping/trucking) and reduces pesticide use.  It sounds good to me.  The article downplays organic agriculture though because the demand for organic produce has resulted in increased shipping and fossil fuel pollution.  The perfect example is bananas shipped from Central America or blueberries shipped from Australia.  Bananas are a luxury, they just don't grow here in New York.  The blueberries are different, I'm willing to wait until they are in season here.  I must confess that my family owns a blueberry farm in North Carolina and every so often during their blueberry season, they'll FedEx a flat of blueberries to me!

Do we really need apples year round? or watermelon in January? or grapes from Chile? or Durian frozen and shipped from Thailand?  or tomatoes from Holland?  I've enjoyed all of these foods many times.  I'm willing to wean myself off of them if it will help protect earth as a hospitable place for human life.

My suggestion is to, as much as possible, eat local indigenous foods that are organically grown.  How much more would we appreciate the foods of other locales and cultures when we have the opportunity to travel?  This will be a big adjustment for us but isn't our future survival on the planet worth it?    

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