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Raw Food helps me have the good life that I desire...

Breakfast- 1/4 watermelon

Lunch- 1/4 watermelon, 6 1/2 small bananas

Dinner- a repeat of last night's dinner, in all- 2 slices Life Force flax bread, 1 tomato, 3/4 cup macadamia/sun-dried tomato pate, 1 large cucumber, 1/4 cup Real Pickles Kimchi, 5 large celery sticks

I am loving the warm, almost hot weather we're having here in NYC!  Hot weather and ripe fruit are a great combination.  My body feels very "on."

Dr. Vetrano called me yesterday; what a nice surprise.  She called because she heard a message that I left on one of her two answering services a few weeks ago.  She thought that it might be a recent message so she called just in case it was.  I took advantage of the opportunity to ask her a question about sleep.  I strive to get plenty of sleep and give myself time to sleep at least eight hours a night.  I don't have a problem waking up; in fact I never use an alarm clock.  However, I'd like to immediately feel like bounding out of bed in the morning but I don't.  I feel like my body wants to sleep more even though I'm awake and not sleepy.

Dr. Vetrano suggested that I sleep as much as my body can sleep.  She said that 8 hours is merely a general suggestion and that many people need 9 or more hours depending on what their work is like or their current life circumstances are.  Go to bed earlier if you can she suggested.

After ending my call with Dr. Vetrano, I was thinking, wow, if I sleep as much as she suggested I might need, my life will consist of working, eating, and sleeping!  On one hand, who would want a life like that?  On the other hand, living this way is incentive to work at and do something that you love and enjoy and with people who you enjoy being with.  Its easy to get into a rut working in a job that is not really satisfying and working with people who you don't share much in common.  Then you feel deprived because there's not a lot of time left for the things that make you fill full inside and satisfied in living. 

There's a lesson for me in this.  In groups I regularly say that raw food and the raw way of life is just a door to a larger more fulfilling life.  If we are always only focusing on the next meal we miss out on much that life has to offer.  However, eating a raw food diet and taking care of our health is essential because it results in clarity of mind and abundant physical energy so that we can live the lives that we truly desire.

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