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David Wolfe, raw food advocate? man of inconsistencies?

Breakfast- 3 pints blueberries

Lunch- 18 Medjool dates, 1 large head of celery

Dinner- 3 lbs Bing cherries

David Wolfe is admirable for his passion, enthusiasm, his shrewd marketing and general business acumen, and his commitment to spreading the message that “keepin’ it raw could change the world and save the planet.” I’ve been inspired after hearing his lectures, attending retreats with him, and reading his books, particularly his first book, Nature’s First Law.

In an interview with Ritzy Ryciak of Conscious Choice, we’re treated to pure David Wolfe style inspiration. We read statements about the importance of growing and preparing food with love; “If you eat food that is grown and treated with love…it really is different.” There is mention of David’s being President of the Fruit and Tree Planting Foundation and “its stated goal to plant an ambitious 18 billion fruit trees.” I feel moved by David’s connection with growing plants, growing fruit trees and vegetables, picking wild herbs, and his love of forests. That being said, I have difficulty accepting what I perceive as inconsistencies. I admit I also have difficulty accepting my inconsistencies.

In his talk with Ritzy, David refers to...(link to full article)

The Organic Consumers Association is continuing with its rallying of awareness and action against the recent "industry-sponsored attack on organic standards" in which the "USDA has approved a proposal allowing 38 new non-organic ingredients to be allowed in products bearing the USDA Organic seal."  I encourage everyone to read about it and take action now.  The OCA makes it really easy to let your voice be heard.

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