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Bravo Donna Karan, Raw Food fashionista...

Breakfast- almost 1/2 large watermelon

Lunch- the remainder of the 1/2 watermelon, 7 fresh apricots, 5 1/2 fresh mangoes

Dinner- 2 slices Life Force Raw Flax Bread, 1 Tbs black tahini, 1 Tbs almond butter, 1 large tomato, 1/4 cup Real Pickles Kimchi, 6 Audrey Rochester Royale Cheese crackers, 1 large Head Romaine lettuce

I can tell that I'm just about had enough of the raw flax bread open faced sandwiches.  Tonight it tasted okay but the enjoyment factor has leveled out a bit.  The best part was the lettuce!  I quietly chewed the lettuce while sitting in the grass in the Hudson River Park and watching the sun set across the river.

From time to time I'll hear something about Donna Karan being a raw foodist and natural health advocate but I never hear any details.  Apparently she's put together a "10-day Well-Being Forum" to which she invites progressive thinkers and leaders.  I read about it in Alison Rose Levy's piece on The Huffington Post, "An Urgency for  Well-Being."

Levy quotes attendee Robert Thurman(and others) who says " It's great if you know enough to eat healthy food, but what kind of food can you get? Where is food grown as it was in the past without chemicals and genetic manipulation? When the air, water, and food are laden with chemicals, it's like a mass health experiment and doctors are placed in position of trying to solve everything. But these are massive global problems and they need to be addressed at that level."   Dr. Robert Schiller, Chairman of the Beth Israel Department of Family Medicine says "We have to have a dialogue about core issues. We have to get people who are responsible to the table and say enough is enough."

"We need a consumer movement to make companies aware that we won't buy junk food or products with toxins, " suggests Dr. Frank Lipman, who directs the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center.

There's a lot of other insightful information in Levy's piece but I'm quoting these comments for a reason.  These comments suggest that the change needs to happen "out there" somewhere, in some movement, or company, or agency.  I disagree with this.  The beginning point is within one's own being and life.  I suggest that we all ask ourselves this question, "How can I live my life today so that I am treasuring my own well-being and life on this planet?"  If each of us strives to live our lives with this in mind, tremendous shifts will begin to take place with seemingly little effort.  The issues will resolve themselves.  Bravo to Donna Karan!  DKNY rawks! 

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