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Not only Raw Food, I'm going LIVE, all the way...

Breakfast- 1/4 watermelon

Lunch- 1/4 watermelon

Dinner- 2 slices Life Force Flax Bread, No Bean Dill Hummus from Matter of Flax, 1 sliced tomato, 4 celery sticks, a few of Audrey Rochester's "cheese crackers," 2 packs of those Nori roll sticks that I like but can't remember the name right now

I'm enjoying these open faced sandwiches that I've been eating the past several days.  I braved buying another container of Matter of Flax Hummus and wha-da-u-know?  This one tasted delicious(see entry from last week).

Amy Schrift was a guest at the Raw Health & Happiness Society meeting last night.  Wow, she's living a phenomenal life in Costa Rica.  She's truly living on the land -minimal shelter, eating her own home grown fruit, connecting with the normal natural world.  She jokingly says that if she keeps going in the direction she's going, then within the year she'll be crawling around on all fours!

I felt so inspired to hear about how connected she is to the earth and how energized she is by it.  It shows; she's absolutely radiant.

After hearing Amy last night I've decided to fast from the radio news and music, internet news, printed media, as well as mechanically reproduced music such as CD's.  Amy suggested that when we're listening to "the news" or recorded music, it's really taking us away from being present in the moment and to a moment in time that no longer exists.  Today baby, I'm going live, all the way!  I'm also going to experiment with turning the lights off at sundown and try to refrain from artificially extending my daylight hours.  I'll see how it goes.

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