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Raw Food Log, July 1, 2007

Breakfast- 1 Honeydew melon, 1 lb white cherries

Lunch- 8 cups red cherries

Dinner- 6 bananas

No greens today.  I am making a conscious effort to make eating greens of some sort or another a regular part of my diet.  Today, there's no greens; that's ok, but I notice that over time I feel more balanced when I include on most days than not.

Today I took a long walk in Central Park and as I noticed people having picnics in the grass, I had a mild longing to be able to eat some cheese, cooked hummus, and the like, the longing passed.  I regularly miss eating raw milk cheese.  At some point I may try eating some again but for now, it's ok that I'm not.

Being surrounded by those towering green trees in the park was like food, nourishing.  What a terrific way to end the weekend.

P.S.:  I just realised, I did get my greens today, just not through my mouth.  I absorbed them in through my others senses while I was in the park! Eating. 

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