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Raw Food log for Sunday, August 12, 2007

Breakfast- 2 large pink grapefruit, 1 yellow grapefruit, 2 medium red grapefruit, 1 brownie from The Raw Baker

Lunch- at my friend Harvey's birthday picnic in Central Park: 2 Valencia oranges, Lasagna from Raw Soul, 1 slice mocha "cheesecake" from Raw Soul

Dinner- 5 medium red grapefruit

After a long day of travel on Saturday I arrived home in NYC just before midnight. Beginning at 6:00 AM I drove two hours to the Atlanta airport, then on four flights I leap frogged my way up the east coast, Atlanta-Charlotte, Charlotte-Richmond, Richmond-Philadelphia, Philadelphia-LaGuardia and then eagerly hailed a NYC yellow taxi to take me to home sweet home after having been away for five weeks!

First I was studying yoga at the Satchidananda Ashram in Yogaville for four weeks and then traveled to Lakemont, GA to the Center for Spiritual Awareness (CSA) for a one week meditation workshop.  Both experiences were phenomenal and paradigm shifting. This isn't the time for me to describe them in detail but I will say that the food worked out fine.

Yogaville serves three cooked meals but they always serve raw fruit, though frequently ice cold and not always ripe, at breakfast and dinner and occasionally at lunch. A raw salad table is always available at lunch and dinner.  Many of my fellow students had cars and I was able to make three trips to the grocery store and buy fruit so that I always had plenty to eat.   

I had a couple of compromising moments.  First the tahini I put on my salad was probably not raw.  Secondly, at a party I ate a couple of handfuls of roasted peanuts.  Lucky for me I realised that I was in dangerous territory with the peanuts; I wasn't confident that I could resist from eating all of the peanuts at the party.  I had already enjoyed myself and danced quite bit at the party so I decided to leave and I got myself out of there there!  

At first I kept quiet about being a raw foodist but after a few times of seeing me eat half of a watermelon at a sitting or 4-5 grapefruits for breakfast people began to ask questions.  The feedback that I most often received was people saying that I look really healthy and vibrant.  That kind of affirmation goes along way to keep me motivated.  The same thing occurred in Lakemont, GA at CSA.  People commented on how how healthy I appeared and wanted to know more about why that is.  People were very supportive, one Yogaville resident surprised me at dinner one evening with a bowl of marinated chopped kale-avocado salad.  Another day, I received the gift of a watermelon.  On an outing someone shared their store bought avocados with me. 

When I studied acting, my acting teacher, Greg Zittell, once said that when a person is truly committed to something it builds inner strength and is attractive to others.  Having been away, I understand why its great to change our routine every so often, see new places and get to know new people; doing so reminds us of what is important to us and why it is important.

Harvey's birthday picnic in the park was a terrific way to re-enter life in NYC.  Raw food, sunshine, green grass, trees, sunshine, frisbee, badmitton, and great company, what more could one want on a Sunday afternoon in August?  Not everyone there was a raw foodist and it's interesting to observe what people say when they encounter the concept of living life raw.  Upon hearing that the "cheesecake" was made with nuts and fruit, one woman said that she "doesn't do fruit."  It wasn't the right moment to inquire but I really wonder what that means.  Another person, didn't eat all of his raw lasagna because he needs avoid eating nuts (it had nut "cheese/pate").  I often wonder if what people think is causing their difficulties with, in this case, fruit or nuts, is not really the cause at all.  Maybe it's an issue food combining or having an already heavy toxic load in their body from their own eating or medicating habits. 

Anyway, Harvey has become a committed raw foodist over the past year or so and witnessing his process has been very inspiring for me.  Having the opportunity to witness each other as we all find our way and progress on this raw food path is essential for our mutual support and advancement.  I am truly blessed and grateful. 

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Welcome back :-)
August 13, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJua

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