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Raw Food miracle: bananas at the barbecue pit...

Breakfast- 9 Pluots

Lunch- 9 Pluots

Dinner- 7 Pluots, 1 head Romaine lettuce

When I was traveling recently I had a serendipitous experience in the Charlotte airport. I had just gotten off of my flight and had a two hour wait for my connecting flight. I felt thirsty, hungry, and I had eaten all of the food that I had with me. I stepped inside one of the plethora of airport newsstands to buy a bottle of water. I felt grateful that they had plain water, not some supped-up-additive-laden-posing-for-healthy water. My eyes wandered over to the section where there were numerous selections of trail mix possibilities. It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for dinner but in my hungry and thirsty state the trail mix was seductively calling my name. My better judgment won out however and I decided that I would drink the water and walk around and keep my eyes open for other dinner possibilities.

I perused the food court area with its selection of pizza, Chinese food, frozen yogurt, baked goods, etc. Guess where I found my dinner? –at the Pit Cooked Barbecue counter! There on the counter beside the cash register were 6 lovely, perfectly ripe and moderately spotted bananas! I swooped over and picked them up. Knowing that most s.a.d. eating Americans avoid bananas with spots I even asked the cashier for a discount and she graciously gave me a reduced price. She was a smart cookie; she agreed that the best bananas are the ones with spots and that how she always eats them.

The Charlotte airport has these great old fashioned rocking chairs and I was in raw heaven and I rocked and ate my ripe bananas.

When you’re committed the universe always provides, even bananas from a barbecue joint!

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