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Raw Food supply of raw almonds disappearing...

Breakfast- 1/2 large watermelon

Lunch- 10 Ataulfo mangoes

Dinner- 1/2 large durian

Believe it or not my breakfast provided 14 grams of protein, that's 25% of the RDA.  I was surprised to learn that it also provided 10 grams of fat.  After lunch I had consumed 25 grams of protein, 44 % of the RDA.  I'm not particularly concerned about my protein intake or intake of any specific nutritive component except calories (sufficient quantity), but the food industry has programmed people to constantly question if they're getting enough.  One thing to keep in mind is that according to Dr. Douglas Graham in The 80/10/10 Diet, "The national and international organizations that set nutrient guidelines build into their numbers a margin of safety that increases recommendations substantially, often near double.

As of September 1 it will become illegal for the U.S. almond industry to sell and distribute truly raw almonds.  As of that date, all U.S. almond suppliers will be required to pasteurize raw almonds.   According to Food Navigator's Lorraine Heller, " Under the new food safety program, almonds must be processed to achieve a minimum 4-log reduction in salmonella bacteria. " 

It's not surprising that there is vocal opposition to this new regulation.  Suppliers claim "...the new production methods are too expensive, and will compromise their business, as well as from consumer groups, that state it is misleading to market pasteurized almonds as 'raw'. In addition, some groups have expressed concerns that the regulation may cause US almond users to turn to European-grown almonds, attracted by low pricing and the guarantee of non-pasteurized availability."

I've been reading about this for several months and I'm surprised that the regulation wasn't reversed.  It will interesting to see how this affects the supply and labeling of almonds.  This also reinforces my strong belief in the importance of living in a way so that as individuals we can grow our own food.

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