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Raw Food moves us out of the main stream...

On Sunday, 8/26/07...

Breakfast- a large bowl of sliced tomatoes with 1/2 cup pecans stirred in

Lunch- a smoothie: fresh young coconut flesh, fresh pineapple, banana; glass of coconut water, 2 1/2 Lara Bars

Dinner- A large portion of homemade Tropical Fruit Tart from Jennifer Cornbleet's book Raw Food Made Easy for One or two People

The tomatoes and pecan combination was delicious. The pecan softened as they soaked in the naturally salty savory tomato juice. The last few spoonfuls were a delectable soup.

I had a challenging ongoing discussion during the day today. Someone who is very close to me and who cares a lot about my wellbeing expressed concerns about my appearance. He's concerned that I may be too thin. It's so uncomfortable to navigate through these types of discussions as I strive to listen attentively and really hear what's being said, and then also try to not go into defense mode and hear what's being said as an attack on my person and how I take care of my health.

I'm thin, lean, not a big guy, this is true. I also have obvious muscle strength and definition. I'm not huge but I am fit and I feel very healthy and vital. I'd like to be larger, and know that I can be if I devote more time to strength and muscle building exercise, but right now I don't want to make that time commitment. I'm happy to do push-ups, yoga, and other calisthenics. Even if I become more muscular in my body, as raw foodist who strives to eat a healthy low fat diet, my face will probably not fill out to any large degree. Or, maybe it will. having done this for a few years, I'm just beginning to feel that my body is moving out of detox mode and into vitality building mode. I trust my body's wisdom and I'm willing to listen.

This raw lifestyle is challenging for those around us, and often it's especially challenging for those who care about us. We eat differently and often our appearance changes, less fat, more fit, clear bright eyes, and more energy and vitality. While this is a great thing, as we continue it will move us out of the main stream. My raw food nourished body is not going to have the same appearance as a guy who eats lot of meat, pasta and potatoes in order to augment his weight lifting routine. I'm going to have much less fat and puffiness, my muscles will probably not be striated with fat.

Another thing that came up in this discussion is that in order for me to eat a well balance raw food diet I need to pay more attention to planning my meals. It's not like I can just drive into McDonald's and pick up a Big Mac. For those who observe us, there can be a fine line between being obsessed with food and placing optimal nutrition in a higher level of importance that most people. My meals are frequently simple, but I have to plan ahead for that to happen.

We talked it through and came to a pretty good understanding of each other's views and feelings. I'm committed to eating raw and making it work!

Posted on Monday, August 27, 2007 at 12:11PM by Registered CommenterStephen Parker | Comments1 Comment

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hi steve! just discovered an amazing pudding today by accident! 2 very ripe bananas, one ripe peach into the vita mix. oh my goodness, i was so surprised at how delicious this was. thought you'd like to try and/or share with your friends.
September 4, 2007 | Unregistered Commentercesare

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