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Does comtemporary life impede health? A Raw Food life dilemma...

Breakfast- a smoothie: bananas, blueberries, a peach, dates, vanilla extract, nutmeg, cinnamon, enough pure water to blend it all together

Lunch- 1/2 pound "100% Raw Chunks of Energy", 2 "Empowered Chocolate Brownie Bites" made by empowered foods.

Dinner- while dinning with a friend at a typical NYC dinner: a large bowl of Romaine lettuce and sliced cucumbers, 2 servings of cole slaw 

It seems at times that we've designed our society, routines, and infra-structure in such a way that we have to accommodate and serve it rather than it accommodate and serve our needs.  For example I sometimes commute from Long Beach to Manhattan on workday mornings.  The combined car and subway travel can take up to 1 hour and 15-30 minutes.  On these mornings I intentionally don't drink the water I love and need to drink and I refrain from eating the juicy fruit that I love to eat early in the day.  Why?  There are no rest rooms! 

Pure water and sweet juicy fruit, two of the most important and natural aspects of maintaining a healthy life result in the need to urinate, also a natural and healthy function.  However, in many urban settings we've designed it so that we force ourselves to unnaturally hold our bladder and in some cases, over time, people cause damage to their bodies by this holding habit.  Show me one animal in a natural setting that resists the urge to urinate!

How did we get to this sad state.  With our extensive modern technology we increasingly hem ourselves in to an unnatural mode of living.  Shouldn't our modern advancements serve us and not visa-versa?  Have we just grown accustomed to our health eroding inconveniences and don't even consider alternatives?  Where does it stop? 

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