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Real Raw Food in Washington, D.C....

On Tuesday, 9/18/07

Breakfast- 1/2 pint figs, 3 black plums, 1 white nectarine

Lunch- 6 bananas

Dinner- 1 diced avocado, 3 sliced bananas, 1/4 cup shredded coconut, 1/2 cup pecan halves, all mixed and stirred with juice from 1 lime

I traveled down south last weekend.  I took the Amtrak train from NYC to Newport News, VA.  I took food with me both going there and on the return, dates, plums, cherry tomatoes, nuts and such.  

As I continue on this raw way of life, I am becoming more attuned to discovering how to get what I need.  On Amtrak, every so often the train makes slightly longer stops and the conductor announces them as "smokers breaks."  I used the five minutes or so to walk out onto the platform and do some sun gazing, letting the sunlight re-energize and stimulate my system through my eyes.  When there was time enough, I walked the length of the train station platform several times and even did a set of push ups.  This relieved the sedentary state I was in and stimulated my real appetite for the food I had brought along.

On the way back to New York, my train had an extended stop at Union Station in Washington, DC.  I was excited to have a chance to explore DC's Union Station for about 45 minutes.  Once I actually entered the station hall, my initial excitement became a little subdued.  The hall is filled with shopping mall food court eating places and small retail shops.  The problem was that I wasn't going to eat any of the food- cheap Chinese, Tex Mex, Italian, Soy milk based smoothie counters, ice cream stands, you get the idea I'm sure.  In addition, the retail stores were filled with colognes, cosmetics, and countless knick knacks that I don't need.  So, what's left to enjoy about Union Station?

When we relieve ourselves from the compulsion to be entertained by too many food choices and needless retail offered knick knacks, we can begin to enjoy the real pleasures of life and the world.  After coming to terms with my disappointment, I began to gaze up at the soaring arched ceiling and how beautiful it was with the sunlight streaming in through arched windows.  I admired the commanding presence of the solemn faced statues of native Americans standing guard of all us passers-by below.  Finally, I walked outside into the sunlight shinning down on this magnificent white stone monument to the energy and advancement of human movement on the face of the earth.  This was the real food I needed, beautiful white marble buildings, towering green trees, blue sky, and sunlight.  The scene was the perfect mixture of man's high aspirations and the freely given gifts of nature.

The time passed quickly. I returned to train #94 on track 25 and we glided away.  Feeling peacefully refreshed, with pleasure I ate my pecans and cherry tomatoes as the city passed by out of my window.

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