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Raw Food log, 2007, 9/22

Breakfast- 1 Honeydew melon

Lunch- 6 date rolls, 3 diced avocados, 1 tbs fresh lemon juice, 1/4 cup walnuts, sprinkled with shredded coconut

Dinner- from Caravan of Dreams: Almond Hummus and flax crackers, Spinach "Quiche"; sliced tomatoes

My friend Karen invited me to break fast with her and a 2-3 others last night for Yom Kippur.  I'm not Jewish and I didn't fast but I was glad to be invited.  Karen told me that she'd have fruit and raw vegetables in addition to the traditional bagels and smoked salmon, but she also encouraged me to bring whatever else I wanted to eat.  I called Caravan of Dreams and placed a take out order and took it along with me to Karen's.

The hummus was good, very simple; I like bland foods and it hit the spot in that regard.  The quiche was also good.  I haven't been to Caravan of Dreams recently and the quiche is a new item since I was there.  I'd eat it again.

I was recently speaking with someone who was talking about having given up eating wheat and wheat products, except when she needs to taste what her children are eating.  The question that arises in my mind in response to this is:  If wheat is not a healthy food choice for you, then why would it be a healthy food choice to feed your children?  If you have to sample it in your children's food, then have you really given it up yourself?  It seems to me that she is keeping it very close.

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