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Raw Food log, 2007, 9/23...

Breakfast- 2 lbs red grapes

Lunch- a large serving of Chocolate (carob) mousse and strawberry tart

Dinner- a salad: mixed greens, avocado, tomatoes, shredded carrots, beets, and jicama, dressed with tahini and house dressing from Caravan of Dreams

This morning I didn't have any ripe fruit at home.  There are about 12 large mangoes on my table but they're not ripe yet, neither are the bananas or the large black plums.  So I walked up to Westerly to see what I could get.  (For some reason this reminds me of the song that has the line, "She looked at me with those big brown eyes and said, you ain't seen nothing yet, bbbbbb baby, you just ain't seen nothing yet.  ...so I took what I could get, I took what I could get."  ...but I digress.)    I was feeling very hungry and I was concerned that I might not not see any fruit that was really ripe and appealing and that  I would resort to eating some pre-made dish or dehydrated treat.  This is not how I like to start my raw day.

The raw food gods must have been looking down on me because in Westerly's produce aisle there were three cases of organic grapes- red, black, and green.  I sampled each and decided that the red grapes were the sweetest.  I purchased 4 1/2 pounds and I was set for breakfast.  Ideas of eating the other stuff were completely erased from my mind.  When I coach people I frequently remind them that if they are struggling with cravings for something less than optimal, raw or cooked, then just eat some sweet juicy fruit first and the cravings will disappear.  This has never failed for me.  The difficulty is that when the cravings come up, summoning the willingness to eat the sweet juicy fruit can be challenging.  It gets easier with time.  Just keep trying it, over and over, it becomes a habit.

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