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Raw Food log, 2007, 9/24

Breakfast- 2+ lbs red grapes

Lunch- 6 bananas

Dinner- a large salad: 1 large head Romaine lettuce, 1 large diced tomato, 1/4 cup Real Pickles Kim Chi, 2 tbs sliced olives, 1/4 cup tahini, juice from 1 lemon, 1/4 cup pecan

I'm really loving these big juicy grapes.

I got some great news today.  On Sunday September 30 I'm hosting a Raw Food Pot Luck Dinner and a Movie screening of "SuperCharge Me, 30 Days Raw."  Today it was confirmed that Jenna Norwood the star of the film is going to attend my pot luck dinner and screening of her film.  She's agreed to do a Q&A session as well.  This is great news; I'm psyched!

If you want details of the event you can see them at the Raw Meet-Up web site.  I'll link to it later, I've gotta run! 

Posted on Monday, September 24, 2007 at 09:33AM by Registered CommenterStephen Parker | Comments1 Comment

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Reader Comments (1)

How great was the meeting tonight, Stephen! Wish I lived closer so I could join in more often but once is 100% more than before. Plus, I got in about 35 minutes of walking as a bonus. Woohoo!
September 24, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterTommie

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