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A new Raw Food baby in the world, raw pet food, Raw Food and lycopene...

Breakfast- a smoothie: bananas, dates, distilled water, almond butter, carob powder, bee pollen, vanilla extract

Lunch- 1 large tomato, 1 large cucumber, 2 sticks celery, chopped and stirred together

Dinner- Almond, sunflower seed, mushroom pate spread on Life Force raw bread and topped with sliced tomato; sliced cucumbers, cashew cheese, 1 slice Ms. Lillian's Papaya Creamsicle Cheesecake

The smoothie was over the top.  I tasted it after each ingredient was added, beginning with the bananas and dates.  I could have stopped right there and it would have been delicious.

Roman from Genufit sent out an email announcing the birth of he and Antje's new baby.  Here's part of what he had to say:

"Antje gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl. Her name is Aletheia. The birth was unassisted and completely natural. No bright lights, no rough handling and no medications —just the way we intended it. Only the two of us were present on the boat where we reside and we made sure the atmosphere was right to well receive this little being into our world. The pregnancy itself also was natural and of course, entirely raw. No supplements were necessary as Antje's blood tests showed excellent results all along.  She was able to nurse right after birth with her umbilical cord still attached allowing for a smooth transition from life in the womb into the world."

Roman sent a link to photos of Aletheia.  Though only days old, she appears to be quite alert and very conscious.

If you're in the New York area, Grand Space is hosting Brian Clement this weekend, September 8.

I continue to come across articles about raw pet food and one led me to Smiley Dog, a business that sells raw dog and cat food.  They have a very helpful list of the various brands they sell and a link to the manufacturer for more information.

Patricia Lowry is writing about raw food in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  Leah Shannon discovered raw foods at Pure Food & Wine and it seems to have changed her life.  "It was all on taste," she said. "I wasn't even considering the health benefits of it. It was delicious."  Lowry also gives a dissenting point of view from Leslie Bonci, director of nutrition at UPMC's Center for Sports Medicine.

"I am not convinced that by cooking food you destroy all of the enzymes.... I don't think there's been enough science.  Plus, she and Ms. Shannon say, studies have shown that the application of heat does render some nutrients, such as lycopene, more easily absorbed and utilized by the body."

My question to the lycopene issue is this.  How much lycopene can the body utilize at one time?  Has Bonci considered that more is not necessarily better?  Regarding enzymes I'm wondering if we really need any more science.  Maybe enzymes are an indicator that food is fit for consumption.  I suggest that Bonci herself consume a varied balanced all raw diet for six months and then respond.  Do dissenters' opinions carry any weight if they're unwilling to truly explore it for themselves?

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Love the site oh and don't forget to check out a great resource at http://rawfoodmedia.com
September 11, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterChris

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