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Raw Food, how do raw famlies do it...

Breakfast- 2 small Honeydew melons, 12 oz. smoothie of banana, dates, peaches, soaked shredded coconut, sliced strawberries

Lunch- 2 bananas, 10 Medjool dates, 2 Hass avocados, all diced and mixed with fresh lemon juice and 1/4 cup shredded coconut

Dinner- at Pure Food & Wine juice and take out bar: 1/2 Avocolada smoothie, Sushi, 3 assorted cookies

My breakfast smoothie was so good.  I'd like to start every day with something that delicious.

I was disappointed in last nights dinner, the pate in particular(see yesterday's entry).  It was something I just made up and I put too many mushrooms in it and it irritated my throat.  The cashew cheese was something new that I saw in the store.  It's a raw product, made from raw cashews with seasonings and then cultured and aged like dairy cheese.  It tasted okay; a little goes a long way.

I've been feeling preoccupied with food lately.  I've frequently been going back and forth between Manhattan and East Atlantic Beach and it's taken a lot of focus to be sure that I have have food to eat in both places.  The beach doesn't have the food selection that I like or that's optimal for me so I've been taking food back and forth with me.  I've also been buying enough food for both me and Michael.  He understands why eating raw is really good for you but he's it's not how he lives.  So I just try to have a lot of raw food available for him so that he has it around when he wants it. 

I can see why it would be challenging for families to eat raw in our typical urban setting.  It's simple enough for me to buy various types of fruit ahead of time so that it can ripen properly at home and not get bruised on the store shelves and then eat it when I'm ready ready.  When you begin to add one, two or three or more people to the equation things changed. You  have to completely change how you shop for food and plan meals around family members schedules.  Six or seven bananas make a meal for me but how many does a family of four need?  24, two dozen?  More, if you have active teenagers?  Do you now begin to buy by the case?  How much raw dip do you make for a family meal menu of sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and dip?  How many Tomatoes and cucumbers is enough?

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