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Raw Food Smoothies just keep getting better, smoothie disappointment at Pure Food & Wine...

Breakfast- 32 oz smoothie: bananas, strawberries, dates, vanilla extract, bee pollen, and distilled water

Lunch- 1 pint of wild blueberries; 3 bananas, 2 Hass avocados, 10 Medjool dates, all diced and mixed with shredded coconut and juice from 1 lemon

My breakfast smoothie was the best!  It just keeps getting better.  I resisted the urge to add almond butter or coconut and I didn't miss it at all.  I prepared and drank it after practicing yoga out at the end of Pier 84, the Hudson River park at the west end of 44th street.  After outdoor yoga in the morning sun and fresh air my body was ready for it.  I have a terrific life!

The "Sushi" roll at Pure Food & Wine last night(see yesterday's entry) was the best.  It was firm, and the combination of texture and flavor was perfect.  I even had enough ginger to last until the last bite thanks to Maya who was working the take out counter.  I was disappointed in the Avocolada.  In the past this smoothie has been a creamy and refreshing combination of pineapple, baby coconut, and avocado.  Last night it tasted like a blender full of avocado and lime juice, bitter, with no sign of pineapple.  I asked if they could doctor it up and they tried but it still wasn't what I've always looked forward to when I've ordered it in the past.  I guess whoever was making the smoothies lost the recipe book.  Pure Food & Wine's cookies are amazing.  I've always loved the oatmeal raisin and the thumbprint cookies.  Last night I also had a cinnamon swirl cookie; I'm astounded that it is not cooked!  The just right crispy texture and the buttery cinnamon flavor was phenomenally terrific, as good as Mom's! 

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