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My 1 out of 3 meals Raw Food Log, 2008, 3/19...

On Wednesday, 3/19/08:

Breakfast- 2 large heads of Romaine lettuce

Lunch- at Javits Convention Center Food Court: Fish-n-Chips, Turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich, French Fries

Dinner- Chinese take out delivery: Moo Goo Gai Pan, cold Sesame noodles, 6 pieces fried wanton, 2 glasses of red wine

God, I feel so vulnerable writing this.  Since I began eating cooked food again last fall this is the first time I've had such full disclosure of what my non-raw food eating looks like.  I know it will run it's course and I'll get back to raw; I always do.  Cooked food becomes dull and unsatisfying after a while.  If anyone is reading this for the first time, please scroll back and at least see what some of my better (RAW) days look like!

I ate breakfast, Romaine lettuce, in the holding area for actors while I was on an acting job this morning.  Some people were curious and asked a few questions.  My heart wasn't in to discussing it very much.  I was just grateful to be eating a raw meal.  

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