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Raw Food Log, 2008, 6/30...

On Tuesday June 30, 2008...

Breakfast- 1 large cantaloupe, 1/2 gallon smoothie of 1 lb green leaf lettuce, 3 bananas, 1 cup blueberries

Lunch- 1 large cantaloupe

Dinner- 16 oz. carrot/celery juice, a salad: home grow by me Romaine lettuce, mint, parsley, basil, cucumbers; 3 store bought tomatoes; 1 tbs each tahini & coconut butter, juice from 1/2 lime, 1/2 tsp dulse flakes, 6 diced black olives

I didn't eat enough calorie wise today just due to my schedule, logistics, what was ripe, etc.  However, it was a sublime pleasure to eat food grown in my own little garden plot in the Clinton Community Garden on West 48th St.  I was filled with such gratitude for the food.  I picked the cucumbers and other ingredients at dusk and within 20 minutes I was sitting cross-legged on my living room floor eating/merging with what I had grown.  I feel silly writing the word "merging"; it seems excessively poetic, but that's how I felt, it's not easy to describe.

I've been enjoying eating all raw again and I am enjoying the results, namely abundant energy, mental clarity, fitness, etc..., all the things I've experienced before.  I don't want to recommend doing what I did, going back to eating cooked food for while, because it was a personal decision made for reasons too multi-faceted to write at the moment.  I'll probably eat some cooked food again on some occasion in my life, but not today.  I've never stopped believing that we're meant to eat raw, but I guess there are many roads to getting there.  We probably never "get there", we just keep experiencing the unfolding process-there I go again, getting poetic.

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