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Raw Food Log, 2008, 8/25...

Breakfast- 1/2 gallon smoothie: 1 large head Red Leaf Romaine lettuce, 4 bananas, 1 cup strawberries, 2 cups water

Lunch- 1 very large tomato, 1 avocado, fresh corn from 1 ear, handful of cashew nuts, all chopped and eaten as a salad

Dinner- from Integral Yoga Grocery Store deli counter1 slice of Miss Lillian's raw Pad Thai Broccoli Pie

I felt sluggish all morning.  It might have been a sunshine hangover.  I went to the beach and was outside all day, about eight hours.  It was beautiful, sunshine, salt water swimming, running on the sand and good company.

Miss Lillian's Pad Thai was good, although a little too spicey for my palate, but I'm one of those people who love bland food, so if I say something is spicy you have to take my love of bland food into consideration.  The Pad Thai has this terrific sweet and savory crumbly topping that's difficult to achieve with raw food.  I had also bought a slice of Miss Lillian's raw lazagna, but immediately when I took the first bite I could tell it had gone sour and I couldn't eat it.  I've had it before and love it so I know it was no fault of Miss Lillian.  Maybe the folks at Integral Yoga had let it sit out too long or something like that.

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