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Raw Food Log, 2008, 8/30, more raw smoothies...

Breakfast- Brazil nut, Hazel nut, Sunflower seed milk, banana, Medjool date smoothie

Lunch- a very large head of Romaine lettuce

Dinner- 4 bananas

The smoothie was delicious.  I added a little maca and bee pollen, mmmmmmm.  I used this particular nut/seed combination because I didn't have enough of any one thing to make enough milk with.  I considered adding some cacao powder but I've been sleeping so well the past few nights I didn't want to add caffeine to my system and and feel speedy and restless when it's time for bed, maybe next time but not today. 

The smoothie was rich and creamy and it helped me navigate through the wistful feelings that came up as I walked past my favorite Saturday morning diner on the way to the farmer's market.  The market had some beautiful produce this morning.  I came home with fresh peaches, sweet corn, beefsteak tomatoes, cantaloupe and thick full heads of Romaine lettuce.

The smoothie was so filling that i didn't feel hungry until late in the afternoon.  I took my time eating the lettuce.  I was at the beach and I just munched and looked at the water and the sky.

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