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Raw Food Log, 2008, 9/5...

Breakfast- 3 sliced peaches, 1 pint sliced strawberries, 2 plums

Lunch- 1 large cantaloupe

Dinner- Zucchini pasta with raw marinara, a salad: hand picked wild dandelion greens, hand picked wild clover, grass, Romaine lettuce, sweet corn, diced tomato, tahini/avocado/lemon dressing

Today was refreshing.  I went upstate NY to artist Steve Ausbury's house.  He wanted to experience a raw week-end.  Does he really know what he's getting into -how life changing this can be?  I'll try to keep it a secret and let him figure it out for himself.

It was really cool picking the wild greens for dinner.  As I was preparing them, I looked down into the bowl and thought to myself, "This looks like I went outside and raked up the mown grass that Steve just cut with the lawn mower and I put it in a salad bowl!"

We went hiking along a mountain creek.  We we finally stopped at our destination, a swimming hole in the creek, it felt so good to take off my shoes and feel the sun warmed rocks on the soles of my feet.  I really believe that we need, that it's a vital need, to have tactile interaction with nature.  Walking on the rocks stimulates our feet and joints and muscles and senses in a essential way.  Swimimng  and soaking in the creek felt soothing.  Reclining submerged on a rock with the water rushing over me ....ahhhhhhh.

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