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Raw Food Log, 2008, 9/6...

Breakfast- 1 cantaloupe, 5 plums

Lunch- 1/2 cantaloupe, 2 large tomatoes and 1 cucumber, both sliced and drizzled with tahini

Dinner- fresh cut sweet corn from 3 ears, more of last night's salad, 1 slice raw blueberry pie

Steve wanted to make something raw.  The raw blueberry pie from Jennifer Cornbleet's book appealed to him so we went and bought the ingredients.  We had to make some substitutions and they worked fine.  We used dried figs in the crust instead of dates, and sticky dried mango conbined well with the blueberries instead of dates in the filling.

At the produce market the toothless former Cairo policeman was telling us why he was in favor of the big chain supermarket moving in, so he wouldn't "have to drive 50 miles to buy potatoes!"  I don't understand this logic.  He and everyone that lives in the area is surrounded, immersed, in beautiful fertile countryside.  They could grow enough potaotes to feed thousands of people.  No one here needs to drive 50 miles to buy food.  They have everything they need to provide themselves an abundance of anything they could need to eat.  

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