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Raw Food Log, 2009, May 13...

Breakfast- a smoothie: 1 fresh pineapple, 2 bananas, 1 head Romaine, blended with 2 cups water

Lunch- 6 Valencia oranges

Appetizer- 2 bananas

Dinner- an open face sandwich: 2 pieces Love Force Sun-Flax Focaccia, 2 sliced medium tomatoes, 1 sliced cucumber, Organic Valley Raw Milk Cheddar Cheese

While I was eating dinner I listened to "Fresh Air" on NPR.  There was an interview with the former FDA commissioner who was talking about his new book in which he describes how sugar, fat and salt have hijacked the neurotransmitters in our brains.  I was very self conscious that I was eating cheese, raw cheese but still having lots of fat and salt.  I don't eat it too often, but I willing to be willing to not eat it at all.  The FDA had some insightful science based things to say.

By the way, the May 14 calendar quote is one of my favorites from Dr. Grahams Health Calendar.  Chew on that!

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