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Raw Food Log, 2009, May 18...

Breakfast- Chia Seed Green soup (recipe from Green for Life): kale, soaked Chia seeds, apples, fresh lemon juice, water

Lunch- a smoothie: 1 head Green leaf lettuce, 6 bananas, 2 cups water, blended

Appetizer- 16 oz fresh carrot juice

Dinner- 2 slices raw Love-Force Focacia, Dr-Cow's cashew/hempseed cheese, 1 very large sliced tomato, 12 oz all green juice

Dessert- 12 oz fresh all green juice

I really like this Chia seed soup.  It's really a smoothie but it's thick and more satisfying to eat with a spoon out of a bowl

Food over the weekend was good.  I was busy and away from home though and didn't have the opportunity log everything in here.  I found some new "bread/crusts" that I liked and I'll try to remember to check the label and post the name here.  Jandi's in Oceanside, NY had some deliciously creamy and rich raw "creamed" spinach.  It was thick enough to spread on the raw bread.  Jandi's deli counter is growing its selection of raw items and they're making some tasty items there.  The stuffed mushrooms and the creamed spinach are my favorites.

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