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Raw Food Log, 2009, May 20...

Breakfast- 6 large oranges

Lunch- a salad: spinach, shredded carrots, diced cucumbers, raisins, walnuts

Dinner- 1 slice of Ms. Lillian's raw organic Banana Cream Pie, 1 small piece of raw cheese

I confess, someone at my office passed around a box of very expensive French chocolate and I had a piece, delicious but not raw.  One was enough -too much really!

I wouldn't have eaten the cheese if it had not been in my apartment.  I had eaten the pie and was putting away some things in the kitchen and when I saw the cheese I compulsively picked it up and ate it.  It was raw and organic but even raw cheese is tricky for me. For one thing it has too much salt and also it can be a food that I eat compulsively and I feel conflicted about it when I observe myself eating it that way.

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