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Raw Food Log, 2009, May 9...

Breakfast- 3 lbs strawberries

Lunch- 6 oranges sliced in wedges

Dinner- from Pure Juice and Take Away: 16 oz coconut water, Key Lime Tart, 6 Oatmeal Blueberry cookies; from a deli: 6 oz raw cashews

This morning I was out early walking around the neighborhood and I passed by a fruit vendor's cart on the the street.  There was a sweet aroma of fresh strawberries.  The aroma alone announced that these were perfectly ripe strawberries ready to be eaten, now.  I bought three one pound containers and brought them home thinking I'd eat two for breakfast and save one for later. I washed and rinsed two pounds.  They were definitly ripe but I had an almost empty bottle of Madhava agave nectar with about one tablespoon of agave syrup in the bottom so I decided to squeeze it out over the berries which I had drained and sliced.  The berries were just perfect; I savored each individual deep red succulent halved berry one at a time.

When I was finished I went to the sink to wash up and wash the bowl.  As I stood there, the aroma of the remaining pound of strawberries was slowly seducing me.  I couldn't resist.  Before I knew it I was sitting down with another pound of these delicious strawberries, this time without agave.  I was surprised that I like the plain berries more than the ones that I had put the agave on.  I've had my fill of strawberries for the day, but the pink afterglow is divine.

I met friends for lunch at the Village Natural restaurant.  It's vegan but not raw.  They are very accommodating in their willingness to slice and serve me oranges for lunch.

Pure Juice and Take Away (the take side of Pure Food and Wine raw restaurant) was my dinner destination because I specifically wanted the Classic Sundae from the restaurant menu.  Guess what?  They don't serve it any more.  I felt very disappointed.  It's such a great menu item I can't conceive of why they removed it from the menu.  I stumbled through my food disappointment.  The Key Lime Tart is delicious but on the small side, not a meal like the sundae would have been.  The cookies are tasty but very very sweet; I think I prefer the oatmeal raisin cookies.  I left feeling not quite satisfied, hence the cashews from a deli which I munched on after I arrived at the movie I was on my way to see.

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