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Raw Date, 2010.10.14, Thursday...

Breakfast- 4 large Gala apples

Lunch- at Pure Food and Wine: Falafel Platter/Salad, 1/2 glass organic Chardonnay

Snack- a variety of treats from Pure Food and Take Away

Dinner- open faced sandwich: 2 slices Love Force Sun-Flax Focaccia topped with a mixture of 1avocado, black olive tapenade, whole grain mustard and Hawthorne Valley Farms Caraway Juniper Berry Sauerkraut

Dinner included the third avocado in as many days -unusual for me.  I bought four avocados a few days ago for a very good price by New York standards, 75 cents each.  They're ripe and need to be eaten.

Lunch was good.  I went to Pure Food and Wine expecting a menu that is similar to their dinner menu but that's not what they're serving.  It's basically the Pure Food and Take Away menu but served in a sit down restaurant setting.  It works.  The falafel dish was very good and very filling but I didn't feel stuffed.  I think their's is the best raw version of falafel that I've eaten anywhere.  The service was good, very efficient, friendly and no-nonsense.  I did have to wait longer than I would have preferred for my to-go dessert order but it wasn't really a problem.

I brought the treats back to my office to share them with my colleagues; they were a hit.

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