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Raw Date, 2010.10.15, Friday...

Breakfast- two large Gala apples

Lunch- pre-made Greek salad from Westerly, Pesto Pumpkin Seed crackers from Livin' Spoonful

Dinner- 4 oz raw milk cheese from Vintner Cafe, 1 cup walnut halves, 1 package of Raweos

The salad wasn't really a greek salad, it didn't have feta, didn't the usual greek herbs, the dressing was a little sweet and there were way too many onions.

I've been heavy on the cheese this week and I'd like to back off of it.  If I can manage to eat some fruit late in the day before I leave work the cravings for fat rich food is minimal when I get home from work.  I want to work on managing this a little better.

I haven't eaten Raweos in a long long time and when I just looked up the web link I realized that they're not truly raw.  I don't think the the website doesn't say that the almonds  and the cashews are raw and the carob powder is toasted.  I'd forgotten this about raweos. :(  It's really too bad.  They are a 180 degrees better than Oreos but if one is interested in eating all raw these aren't raw.

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