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Raw Date 2010.11.14, Sunday...

Breakfast- approximately 32 oz fresh homemade green juice with Kale, red leaf lettuce, celery, cucumber, ginger and lemon

Lunch- Ms. Lillian's Raw Pumpkin Pie, Ms. Lillian's Brownie

Dinner- Raw milk cheese, Brad's Raw Chips, Kale Chips (don't recall the brand), Rosemary Kimchee Crackers from Aimee's Livin' Magic

I was inspired to make green juice by my friend Harold who I had dinner with last night at Quintessence.  He drinks a green juice every day.  I happened to have a surplus of greens in the fridge and I had time to juice them in the Greenstar juicer.  It was unbelievably satisfying.  I wish I had time to make it every day.  With my schedule, I feel that I need to consume something with calories on a work day morning because I won't have another chance to eat until lunch.

For lunch the Pumpkin pie didn't quite fill me up so I started in on the brownie.  With the first bite I could tell that it had that too good to be totally healthy taste.  My taste buds were correct; I had misread the label.  I thought that the brownie part was derived solely from carob but a closer look after the first bite revealed cacao in the ingredients in addition to the carob. 

I don't totally abstain from cacao/chocolate as my recent Raw Revolution bars on Saturday morning reflects, but I usually restrict myself to consuming it on days when I know that I don't have to be bright and alert the next morning because cacao usually prevents me from sleeping soundly.  I admit though, that in this case Ms. Lillian's Brownie tasted so good that I was willing to take a risk and keep eating.  As it turned out, the Brownie is so wonderfully dense, chewy and filling that I couldn't eat the whole thing.  I'd eat it again if I didn't have to worry about the after effects of the cacao buzz.

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