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Raw Date 2010.11.18, Thursday...

Breakfast- Green smoothie: 7 bananas, 1 head Red Leaf Lettuce, 2 cups pure water, 1 tsp raw macca powder, 1 tsp bee pollen

Lunch- 5 large apples

Snack- 10 Medjool dates

Dinner- 1 raw crust(forgot the brand name) topped with raw goat milk cheese and Hawthorne Valley Farms Caraway Juniper Berry Sauerkraut

Frankly, I was craving Ms. Lillian's Raw Pumpkin Pie for lunch but Westerly didn't have it in stock.  I was very tempted to get the Raw Vegan cheesecake that was in stock, but that is really a feast food and in my heart of hearts, though it's raw I knew the apples would be a better choice for me.  I had to do some mental gymnastics to navigate through my craving for the raw "comfort food". 

As it turned out, the apples were very sweet and satisfying and after the first couple of bites the desire I had had for the pie completely disappeared.

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