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Raw Date 2010.12.03, Friday...

Pre-Breakfast- 1 cup hot black tea

I had heartburn during the night and somewhat this morning.  I think it's because of the heavy dinner I ate before going to sleep.  Eating lightly in the evenings for the past few days has resulted in terrific restful sleep and I regret not continuing that last night.  I'm craving something cooked this morning, muffins to be exact.  I think the indigestion triggered it.  I'm that "it's Friday after a challenging work week and I want a treat" feeling.  I'll take it a minute at a time. 

Breakfast- nothing

Lunch- 24 oz fresh orange juice from Jamba Juice

Snack- 14 Medjool dates

Dinner- 1 glass organic red wine

I made it through the day and stayed raw.  The cravings slowly when away.  I drink a lot of water and sometimes when I feel hungry or more accurately feel cravings I remember reading somewhere along the way that hunger is frequently mistaken for thirst.  I think that drinking water when I'm feeling sketchy about food helps me to navigate with greater ease.

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I made it through the day and stayed raw.

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