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Where have I been?

The answer to that question is long and short.  However, for today I'm back!  I've been loving my raw food for the past 4-5 weeks.  That party I referred to on December 16 was a blast -fun with my colleagues, BUT, it was debacle with regard to living the raw life.  After that party I just couldn't get the raw vibe back and stick with it.  The debacle is over -a day at a time.

Today is my 33rd consecutive all raw day and it's Working big time.  Hello Stephen Parker, remember this!  No cravings for cooked food at all.  The popcorn at the movie on Friday night whispered my name for a moment, but it was a fleeting moment.  My impetus to get back on the raw wagon was when I sang at my friend Rick Waynick's church where he is the organist/choir master.  The Priest was speaking about the upcoming Lenten season.  I felt inspired to give up all cooked food for lent, 40 days, a day at a time.  The other motivation was my increasing weight gain.  The beach photo from my high school reunion was scary.  I deleted the link to it from my facebook page(sorry Crystal).  I'm feeling so solid with raw I expect I'll keep it going -no promises, no undue pressure, it s all about today.  I make herbal tea with hot water occasionally, for some people that's cheating but for me, right now it's just fine.  So for today, so far...

Breakfast- Sun-dried Red Clover Blossom tea, 1/2 small orange flavored raw cacao bar.  I forgot what kind and I've thrown out the wrapper already.

Late morning treat after yoga- 16 oz fresh green juice

Lunch- 64 oz smoothie consisting of six large oranges, 1 head Romaine lettuce, one stick fresh fennel

Dinner- Awesome foods Kale chips; sandwich with Lifeforce "bread" with Dr. Cow cream cashew "cheese" and Hawthorne Valley Farms red cabbage sauerkraut; two pieces Didi's carob sun gems

PS.: I'm not a huge fan of cacao with regard to health. It can be overly stimulating and as rough on my nervous system as coffee.  That being said, today was a treat.  I'm all for full disclosure no matter how painful, well, if it's not too excruciatingly painful.

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