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Raw Date 2010, 4/1, Thursday...

Breakfast- 64 oz smoothie(1 head Romaine lettuce, 6 large bananas, bottom two inches of a fennel bulb left over in the fridge, 2 cups Poland Spring spring water)

Lunch- 24 oz fresh Jamba Juice orange juice, large salad at Bread Market(Romaine lettuce, double serving cucumbers, chopped celery)

Dinner- 3 bags kale chips, yes, really (2 bags Awesome Foods Kale Tempura & 1 container New York Naturals Raw Vegan Kale Chips), 1/2 Carob Fudgy Brownie from Glaser Organic Farms

8:21AM and I'm feeling good, really energetic, in spite of waking up with last night's raw junk food dinner still churning in my stomach.  After an early morning gym session I was ready for breakfast and now it's time to go to work...

I keep telling myself that I'm going to eat fresh fruit for dinner, that I know I'll feel more satisfied if I can just a piece of fruit in my mouth first.  Like on Tuesday, I had 32 oz of OJ for dinner and I was totally satisfied.  I'll keep envisioning a fruit meal for dinner; it will happen.

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