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Raw Date 2010, 4/2, Friday...

Breakfast- 64 oz smoothie(5 apples, 1 1/2 cups Chia seed gel, 1 peeled lemon, 4 large leaves of kale)

Lunch- at Bar Americain: a large custom salad with mesclun greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado; a glass of champagne

Dinner- Taken with me to the movie: 1 bag Living Intentions Sun-Dried Marinara Almonds & Pistachios, 2-3 pieces Awesome Foods Cashew Sticks, 3 Didi's Mac-N-Cheese crackers (3 crackers, not packs)

The apple smoothie idea comes from Victoria Boutenko's book "Green for Life".  It's really a soup and I eat it from a bowl with a spoon.

I had a very good lunch experience at the restaurant Bar Americain when I went there for an office lunch.  I had seen the menu on-line and had already determined that there wasn't anything on the menu that would work for a raw foodist.  There weren't many salads and the ones they had wouldn't make sense without the cooked ingredients that were integral elements.

Before we ordered I went an spoke to the waiter and told him what my deal is; I'm a raw foodist.  I asked if they could make some kind of salad for me, simple but large.  I mentally held my breath because you never know what the response will be.  He listened to my suggestions and said he'd work with the kitchen on creating something.  What they served me was simple but expertly prepared with the freshest ingredients.  The cherry tomatoes were sliced, the cucumber was finely diced and there was an abundance of avocado cut in small cubes.  The avocado really helped bring it all together and feel substantial.

It is possible to go out an dine with cooked food eaters at cooked food restaurants and have a good experience.  The key is to be mentally prepared and to be flexible.  Of course being friendly helps.

Dinner will be another story, I'm going to a movie and I have my raw snacks ready.  I don't want to go empty handed and be unnecessarily vulnerable to the smell of popcorn.

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