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Raw Date 2010, 4/4, Sunday...

Breakfast- 8 Honey Tangerines

Lunch- 5 large bananas sliced and layered in a bowl with raw tahini, raw shredded coconut and raw carob powder

Dinner- a small handful of pistachios nuts

Today was a close call with eating cooked food.  I went to St. Bart's 9AM Easter service.  It was a beautiful service with terrific music and a moving message.  I went alone and I was surrounded with families and children and friends all who had come to church dressed in their best for Easter and looked like life was perfect and like they were all going out to some special place for Easter Brunch or to someone's home for a home cooked Easter dinner.  I began to feel sorry for myself; I was alone and I didn't have any plans for lunch and I began to consider taking myself out to a really nice place for Easter Brunch, cooked.

It wouldn't be the end of the world but I realized that I wouldn't feel so great afterward if I were to make that decision under those circumstances.  I began to try to think of the the richest comforting raw dish I could easily come up with  to treat myself.  The banana tahini coconut carob combination was it.  I made it my mission to locate ripe bananas on the the way home after church.  I found them and the rest is history.  I'm still all raw.

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