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Raw Date 2010, 5/20, Thursday...

Breakfast- 64 oz smoothie (small head Romaine, two big handfuls of baby spinach leaves, 6 large ripe bananas, 2 cups cold water)

Lunch- 24 oz orange from Jamba Juice at 53rd & Broadway, large Romaine & cucumber salad from Bread Market Cafe on west 52nd street.

Late Afternoon- 20 oz smoothie (orange, strawberry, pineapple) from smoothie cart on West 53rd street across from the Folk Art Museum

Dinner- 24 oz orange juice from Jamba Juice at Times Square.

After several days now of eating very simply I am feeling terrific.  There is a clarity of mind and a physiological calmness can't really can't be described -needs to be experienced in order to understand it.

The orange juice for dinner was a matter of convenience because I had movie plans immediately after work.  I didn't want to arrive at the movie theatre feeling hungry and then encounter the aroma of freshly popped pop corn.  The juice satisfied me and I had no difficulty not eating movie theatre food.

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