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Raw Date 2010, 5/21,  Friday...

Breakfast- 64 oz smoothie (6 large Naval oranges, 1 small head Romaine lettuce, large handful baby spinach leaves)

Lunch- 24 oz orange juice from Jamba Juice at Ave. of the Americas & 56th Street.

Late Afternoon- 24 oz smoothie from smoothie cart (orange, strawberry, mango)

I didn't eat dinner -I wasn't hungry and I'm not sure why because this wasn't very much to eat. I received some additional sustenance from fresh air and sunshine when I went for a run in Central Park after work.  Laying in Sheep's Meadow and feeling the green grass against my skin and the setting sun's light in my eyes was very nourishing.

The afternoon smoothie was not as tasty as it sounds.  These fresh fruit/smoothie/juice carts are good in a pinch but they're not a replacement for carefully chosen ripe fresh fruit.  The fruit used in the carts is frequently not ripe and not sweet.  This is my reason for frequently sticking with fresh orange juice.

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