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Raw Date 2010, 5/24, Monday...

Breakfast- 64 oz green smoothie (1 head red leaf lettuce, 8 medium sized bananas, 2 cups cold water)

Lunch- 24 oz fresh orange juice, Romaine lettuce & cucumber salad

Dinner- 1 whole Durian

I've been feeling a little blue and I think it's part of an emotional detox that goes along with being raw.  For me cooked food has served as a cushion between me and feelings that are uncomfortable.  I think that a raw food life allows us to have all of those repressed feelings, to deal with them and let them go.  I'm counting on this being the case.  It's not very comfortable when it happens and I think that is what has led me back to past episodes of cooked food eating.

Also, I've been eating a very simple uncomplicated raw diet recently, no energy taxing sedating dehydrated and high fat raw foods, so I haven't have much of a cushion between me and life.  The mentally clarity is good but I'll be glad when this blueness passes!

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